Some people may not know what off-the-grid or off-grid means, so here it is --- The term off-the-grid or off-grid refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities.

Off-grid living is no longer a one room log cabin in the woods. It's energy independency. You don't have to rely on utility companies, you create your own power. Today, there are more than 180,000 off-grid homes in the US.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Laundry Day...

11:37 am - 57 degrees - scattered clouds...

While modern off-grid living might be considered the “simple life”, it is not easy!  For us, while our home is still under construction we have few modern conveniences, and the amount of work that goes into the simplest things like taking baths, washing clothes, doing the dishes, and cooking meals, is intense – especially when compared to city folk, who just have to load a machine, push a few buttons and ta-da, it’s done.

Am I complaining?  No, just stating a fact.  Here is another fact – I am not Superwoman (sorry to disappoint you).  Trying to juggle the demands of off-grid living while running two young children around to school and activities, being a Girl Scout Troop leader of a very active troop, and the President of the Booster Group (aka PTA) of our kids’ school, while my husband works in town all day – isn’t for the faint of heart.

We have often joked that we were living like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ – only in the mountains and with internet.  Although the similarities are still there, we now have one more thing that Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t have – a washer and dryer!

I cannot express how extremely appreciative, thankful, and excited I am to finally have, after five years, a washer and dryer!  Hand washing clothes, in theory, is a great idea and sounds fairly simple – plunge and scrub, plunge and scrub - but in reality, it’s a lot of work!

Thankfully I had the option to run into town to do laundry - which is what I choose to do.  For the past five years, laundry has been done at either the local laundromat (45 minutes away) or a family/friend’s house (45-60 minutes away), and on occasion hand washed here if we were in a pinch.

If I had to hand wash all our clothes with two very active kids, who somehow manage to get completely filthy five seconds out the door, and a husband who works outside all day... I would be so busy washing and scrubbing, that I would never leave the house.

Next up on my “Wish-List” is a fridge!  But for now, I am happy in our crazy little mixed-up world of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ meets “modern off-grid”.



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