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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grounding Rod...

8:28 pm - 51 degrees - clear night sky...

Last week Tony spent just over hour driving an 8 foot copper coated steel rod into the rocky ground using a fence post driver. 

Me:  “What is that rod for?”
Husband:  “It’s a ground rod for the electrical system.”
Me:  “What’s it supposed to do?”
Husband: “Grounds the electrical system.”
Me:  “What does that mean?”
Husband:  “It helps to keep you from being electrocuted.”
Me:  “Oh. Does every house need to have one of these?”
Husband:  “Pretty much.”

After the conduit was laid out all the way to the grounding rod, we used the shop vac to suck a piece of string from the grounding rod through the conduit and into the "control room" under the stairs.

Once we had the string pulled through, we attached it to one end of the copper wire and started to pull the copper wire back through the conduit.

Once we had the copper wire pulled all the way through, Tony attached it to the grounding rod and sealed up the conduit.

After a little backfilling, the ground rod install is complete.

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