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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Red The Elf...

11:43 am - 35 degrees - blue sky and sunshine with 28+ mph winds (currently have 3+ inches of snow)...

It’s the most wonderful time of year!  I must admit that I love Christmas time.  I love seeing all the homes decorated in their glistening white lights and beautiful wreaths hanging on the doors.  I love gathering with family and friends at holiday parties, picking out presents for our loved ones, and I love all of our family traditions and the wonderful memories they create.

One of those fun traditions is Red the Elf.  He is a mischievous little guy, and he travels all over the house keeping an eye on the kids while having a bit of fun himself. 

Here are some pictures of what Red’s been up to lately...
4 year-old son: "Holy smokes Mom!
Red is stuck in the Christmas tree!"

4 year-old son: "Mom! Red made Caitlyn's lunch! Or...I guess he kind of
tried to." (laughs) "Silly Red, she can't eat all those kisses by herself! He
must have packed those for me."

8 year-old daughter: "Jack! Woof, Red & Rex
are having a sack race in my room! And I think
Red is trying to cheat! He's grabbing Rex's bag!"

4 year-old son: "Mom, I found Red! He's on a train ride!"

8 year-old daughter: "Uh oh Jack! I think Red is trying to tell
 you something! Take the hint dude!"

4 year-old son:  "Mom!  Red is hanging upside
down in the Christmas tree!  Doesn't he know that
is dangerous!!!"

8 year-old daughter:  "Uh Mom!  I think Red made the dinosaurs really mad."
This post is for the kid in all of us.  :)

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  1. Loved it! What a great tradition!



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