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Friday, June 7, 2013

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas...

12:34 pm - 67 degrees - partly cloudy...

This past week the weather has been just gorgeous and last night was the perfect night for roasting hot dogs over a backyard campfire. 

More than nearly any other outdoor feature I can think of, a fire pit (or backyard campfire area) instantly makes the yard the place where everyone wants to be.  It easily becomes the focal point of a space, drawing friends and family together around its warm glow.  Whether your ideal vision includes kids roasting marshmallows, or just sitting back and relaxing with a cold beer, there is just nothing better than sitting around a fire in your own backyard.

Currently we have a small metal fire pit surrounded by a few slab benches that Tony has recently made.  It’s a temporary thing because we want to make an actual campfire area in a different location – and we think we have finally picked out the perfect location!

Now that we have finally picked out the location, we need to decide on the type of fire pit we want to make.  There are so many ways to make your own fire pit and so many different designs... above ground or flush with the ground; surrounded by built-in benches or leave it open for chairs; leave it open or surround the fire pit in a 16x16 screened in gazebo...and the list goes on.

Here are a few photos that are inspiring our perfect backyard fire pit area...
{photo source:}

{photo source:}

{photo source:}

{photo source:}

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