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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill...

8:15 pm - 50 degrees - showers...

A while back Tony picked up an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill off Craigslist.  So while he had it up and running today, I kept running out in between rain showers to take pictures.  I have never seen a chainsaw mill in action before, so it was very interesting to watch! 

After Tony clamped the Alaskan Mill onto his Stihl MS460 chainsaw with the 28” bar, the next step was to screw the slabbing rail on to the log.  This provides a level and straight platform to register the first cut from.

After removing the slabbing rail, the smooth freshly cut surface now provides a platform to register the next cut from.  All subsequent cuts are now registered from the previous cut.  Switching out the slabbing rail for the guide rail and the Alaskan Mill for the mini mill the vertical cuts are now ready to be done.

As Tony was making the cuts on the Douglas Fir log, all I could think about were fireplace mantels, timber benches, side tables, coffee tables, and oohhhh the possibilities of future projects are endless! 

This is what he made out of the log he was sawing on...

If you're looking for chainsaw milling supplies {click here}.


  1. Once something is made? Those pieces will take a bit to season, and I'd be interested to read about the process.

    1. There will definitely be more Alaskan Chainsaw Mill posts and hopefully a few videos to show how it all works.
      Tony was just playing around with it today and the pieces that he cut – we’re thinking they will take around three months or so to season – are going to be benches.

  2. What is the seasoning process?
    I would have thought they are ready to use right away.



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