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Friday, October 5, 2012

Plumbing {Lower Level Rough-In}...

53 degrees - 8:42 pm - 53+ mph wind gusts...

We’re in the middle of another building spurt!  We have this pattern going – everything goes at a snail’s pace and then bam!  A building spurt!  I love it when there’s progress on the house!!!  I am giddy just thinking about it!  Words cannot express how excited I am about the plumbing!  I have been waiting for two and a half years for this!!!  Okay, I’ll calm down a bit and tell you what’s been going on.

The past several days after Tony has gotten off work, he has been digging, leveling, and compacting the trenches for the drain pipes.  This all has to be done before the concrete radiant floor goes in.

Today a couple friends came up and helped Tony rough-in the plumbing in the lower level (thank you!!!).  There are a few more things that need to be finished on the lower level; including getting another trailer load of screenings (which is a type of fine round gravel) so we can cover up all the drain pipe.  Once that is all done, then we move upstairs to do the rough plumbing.

In addition to all the drain pipe going in, tomorrow our 1,250 gallon concrete septic tank is being delivered and set in place.  Tomorrow is definitely going to be another busy day for our off-grid home sweet home.

To be continued...


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