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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plumbing {Half Done With Rough-In}...

54 degrees - 8:20 pm - 50-60 mph wind gusts...

Today was another long and busy day on the mountain.  This morning our 1,250 gallon two compartment concrete septic tank arrived and was set into place.  The delivery driver was less than pleased with the condition of the seven mile one lane gravel road.  We always try to explain how far out we live and the poor road conditions on the way out – but no one ever seems to believe us...that is until they actually come out here.

Last night as I was typing yesterday's blog post, Tony was outside digging
 this deep hole in the dark.  This morning he was making sure that it was
perfectly level and ready for the concrete septic tank.

The tank made the journey up the mountain and was set into the hole.

All hooked up!

The workings of our
1,250 gallon two compartment seamless concrete septic tank.

After the septic tank was in, the guys got busy and finished rough plumbing the lower level and started on the upper level.  This past week the wind has been howling and today was no exception, so it made the working conditions tougher due to all the dust blowing around.

We had seven large boxes full of these things when this project started.
We are now down to only two large boxes full of these fittings.

The drain pipes for the kids bathroom and upstairs laundry room.

I am excited to say that we are just about half way done with the plumbing – almost all the drain pipes are in, next comes all the water lines.  I just love all the progress that’s being made right now!!!

To be continued...


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