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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hiking The Ridge...

68 degrees - 4:48 pm - blue sky with a slight breeze...

This past Monday, the kids and I went on a quick morning hike around the main driveway loop that runs up the west side of the mountain ridge {click here}.

Today, we went on another hike.  This one wasn’t so quick or easy.  Tony took us around the east side of the mountain ridge.  It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, they both have spectacular views!!!

On this hike, we were hiking along animal trails and sometimes we were blazing our own trails.  As we were blazing our trail, we came across the National Forest Property Boundary marker.

The National Forest property line is a half mile from our home.

Hiking the east side of our mountain ridge we had a great view of the next mountain ridge over.  This is the same ridge that they have been logging on and it also happens to have these two huge rock formations that are great for climbing {click here}!

Once we broke out of the thick brush and foot snagging bear grass, we stopped on a rock slide for a rest.  Here we enjoyed the spectacular view on this gorgeous day before we headed back down.


You can see where they have been logging. 
The clearing keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Even though we had to blaze our own trails, and the logs that Tony and I were able to step over which the kids had to climb over, we all had a lot of fun and enjoyed our family time together.  What a perfect day!

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