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Monday, June 4, 2012

It’s Bath Time...

51 degrees out - 9:55 am - cloudy and drizzling...

That’s right... it is no longer tub time, it is now bath time! 

This may seem like a very little thing, probably because most people take it for granted, but I just cannot express how excited I am to finally have a useable bathtub!!!

Tony's installing the Moen 1 1/4" brass trip-lever tub drain
assembly that we got in oil-rubbed bronze.  Yea!!!

For the past two years, we have had to drag out a red tub, put it in front of the fireplace, haul and heat water, bathe the kids, haul the tub outside to dump it out, haul it back in, dry it out, and put it away.

Caitlyn's first tub bath two years ago.

Yes we still only have cold-n-cold running water that is not yet on tap, so we will still have to heat and haul the water.  But you just have no idea how excited I am over the idea of not having to use the red tub anymore!!!

After 2 year of the red tub...
I will never ever take one of these for granted ever again!!!

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  1. We are still doing the drag the tub in and bathe then dump water out now that it is winter but we also have an outside tub area set up that we plan to move indoors. Great to read from a kindred spirit!



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