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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


61 degrees – 10:28 am – beautiful outside...

A month ago we had a work weekend to clean up all the winter debris.  While doing this, a pathway started to take shape.  Since we have rocks everywhere, I just started tossing them aside to get them out of the way and rock walls along the pathway started to appear.  

a picture from our work weekend a month ago

It has now become a full on pathway that leads to a little sitting area (that we carved out and will eventually have a bench swing).  A little further up the pathway it will break off and you can continue onto the garden or head straight on up the little incline to the chicken coop.

Tony is getting the support beams in place while Jack supervises

It still amazes me how much ground water and how many natural springs are up here on the mountain.  So to direct the flow of all this water, Tony has put several drainage ditches in.  One of these ditches is right between my newly formed pathway and the garage pad (where we will someday build a garage).

The total cost for the footbridge was $24 which was spent on the two
pressure treated 4x4 support beams.  The decking was free - never been used
3x6 doubel tongue n grove boards salvaged from the in-laws house.

Anyways back to the point of this post...we finally built a footbridge!  It is soooo nice!  Yes, I could have continued to leap over the little drainage ditch, which isn’t very wide.  But not holding an armful of rakes and shovels, and certainly not with the wheelbarrow.  So a cute little footbridge was the answer.  All I wanted was a very clean, simple footbridge that would be a nice feature of the yard.  As usual Tony’s standard of workmanship is sublime.

The completed footbridge!!!

Now all I have to do is finish my pathways, transplant a ton of plants and I’m done!

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