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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Real Incredible Edible Egg...

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As we continue to learn and grow on our journey towards eating healthy REAL food, we continue to make changes that impact what we eat and what we purchase.  Once I know what goes into most conventionally grown food and products I can no longer make those food choices and have to go a different route.  One change that we have made is in the eggs that we eat.

eggs laid by our chickens

If you have never had the pleasure of eating an egg fresh from the farm, boy are you missing out!  I had no idea how bland and tasteless those (insert major brand name here) eggs were until we got our own chickens and started eating our own “farm fresh” eggs.  The yolks are brighter and creamier, and they are just bursting with flavor. 

Besides just tasting better, I could throw facts at you like... free range, farm fresh eggs may contain six to seven times higher Beta Carotene, two to four times higher Omega-3s, and three times higher Vitamin E than conventionally farmed eggs (aka store bought eggs).  I could even tell you that free range, farm fresh eggs have one-third to one-half less cholesterol and one-fourth less saturated fat than store bought eggs.  Would you listen?  What if I told you that by raising your own chickens and eggs (or buy from a local friend or farm) you could eliminate added hormones, anti-biotics, preservatives, other medications and pesticides?

Chances are most of you know this, but continue to buy regular store-bought eggs for your family.  Sometimes seeing is believing right?

the brown egg on the left was laid by one of our chickens
the white egg on the right was store bought

There is a pretty stark contrast in the colors of the yolks when you compare a farm fresh egg with a store bought egg.  If the difference to the naked eye is that significant...what do you think the difference is when you take a deeper look at the health benefits?  You decide.

One other warning about those conventionally farmed eggs (aka store bought eggs) – even if they are labeled “cage free” or “free range” I would still tread very carefully.  Most commercial grade chicken feed is made from GMO corn... and that translates directly into the eggs and meat you are consuming.  Also “cage free” does not mean organic.  This is just another case of marketing ploys meant to get your dollars.  Just some food for thought.  Below is a link to some facts about labeling on eggs – just click on the cow!

{For more fun facts about eggs click HERE and HERE}

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