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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Building Spurts…

40 degrees - 9:07 am - cloudy...

Too often, we balk at doing the very things that could give us the life we want.  Too often, the fear that we are incapable causes us to make excuses... “no time”... “no money”... “no clue what I am doing”.  The obstacles seem great, the provisions slim.  We talk about “making do”. But that doesn’t mean settling – it means expecting more and better from ourselves.

When we bought our property in late 2005, we had grand expectations.  I had it in my head that things would happen by a certain time.  They didn’t.  Since then, we have had to alter our expectations a bit.  That doesn’t mean we are settling, it just means we are having to wait a little bit longer for our dreams to come true.

We are not rich, we do not have boatloads of cash, and we are not able to buy everything brand new.  We are an average single income family.  My husband works while I stay home with our two young children.  All of the work put into clearing the build site and building our home, is done on weeknights and weekends.  The majority of the funding for this crazy project is coming out of our pockets a little at a time.

So far it has been slow going with lots of shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’s being learned along the way.  Since we are doing everything ourselves and out of pocket, progress on the house seems to also come in spurts. 

The past several weeks we have been busy with making supply lists, ordering supplies, and picking supplies up for our next big building spurt.  You will just have to keep checking back to see what we are up to next…

snapped this picture yesterday - it was so gorgeous outside!

{P.S. - Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We were having some technical difficulties – the internet was down.  It happens.}

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  1. Greetings Jean!

    My name is Roy Andrews and my wife (Mesu) and I have been following your blog posts these past few months. We visited with Phil and Pam a couple of times back in December/January as we have been considering purchasing a lot up in your "neighborhood." In fact, my two sons-in-law and I met Tony while he was digging a trench for your water line.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and mind with us (and everyone who reads your blog)! As a 48 year old man who has young adult daughters (ages 25 & 27) I can affirm that you as a young woman with little children are speaking words of wisdom! Be encouraged and keep working, living, loving as you are! Be sure to say "Hi" to Tony for me.

    In Jesus' Name,
    Roy Andrews (



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