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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowed In…

30 degrees - 10:58 am - snowing...

Last night the snow started falling again and by this morning we had another foot of the fluffy white stuff.  The driving conditions on our road have just gotten worse as the week has progressed and with this new foot of snow - we are snowed in today.

Caitlyn's working on a snowman and Jack's using his digger
Let’s go back a few days to Monday.  Monday was one of those days.  You know the ones –“THOSE” day.  We all have them from time to time.  Monday was mine.  They always come in threes – three things that happen – not three days.  I hope!

So just so you know we have “those” days up here on the mountain too, here goes…

School was two hours late due to the snow - I was happy about this because it gave me extra time to try and make it down the mountain.  Normally it takes me just under a half hour to drive to school so I gave myself an hour and a half thinking that would be plenty of time…

1 – {8:30 am} Loaded kids in the car and then found out I had a dead battery.  After jumping my car off a spare battery my dash lights wouldn’t work.
2 – Made my way down the mountain in 4-Low slipping and sliding the whole way – even with studded snow tires and chains on.  By the end of the gravel road (about 7 miles) my nerves were fried and my knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel. 
{9:47} Stopped at the end of the gravel to remove my tire chains.
3 – After getting the chains off which took about 10 minutes, I jumped back in the car to head on to school.  Dash lights still didn’t work and now the 4WD and APT lights were on and my car wouldn’t get into gear – drive… reverse… nothing and I was still stuck in 4-Low.  By this point my stress level had hit an all time high and the tears started free falling.  (Yup, when I get sooooo overly stressed out my eyes leak – I hate that.)  Larry (a land owner neighbor) who was logging nearby, walked over and fix my car so I could get Caitlyn to school.

I finally made it to school {10:12 am} and even though I gave myself an extra hour Caitlyn was still late.  NOT a fun morning!

Tuesday – I managed to get to and from school without any major issues.  Tony was able to get off work a little early to pick Caitlyn up from school so I wouldn’t have to traverse the mountain again.  Chained up and in 4WD, on the last sharp corner on the main driveway he lost his traction in the new snow that had accumulated over the past several hours, stalled his truck and slid backwards down the steep driveway about 75 feet.  Thankfully he ended up in the ditch on the North side of the driveway instead of the 300 foot fall on the South side of the road.  When he got home all he had to say was “Well, that wasn’t my favorite thing to do.”  -  I feel like a total weenie because that probably would have freaked me out so bad that I probably would have been crying again.  Uhg.

So needless to say, with the new foot plus of snow, we are staying home today.

Tony and Jack out for a ride

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