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Monday, February 20, 2012

Gravity Fed Water System {Running Water}…

39 degrees - 2:31 pm - 5" of snow - raining...

This time, we really do have running water – outside the house at least.

A month ago we had a little ‘uh-oh’ with the gravity fed water system, but since then the system has been completed up to the house but has yet to be connected to the house.

For the past two weeks we have had the water running constantly.  This to make sure the water lines and holding tank are clear of any dirt, rocks or any other debris before we clean the system with chlorine. 

Any new plumbing, pipelines and distribution systems should be sanitized to kill bacteria when first put on line (or if repairs or service has been performed).  Shock chlorination is one of the most popular methods for sanitizing the pipelines.  Chlorine’s powerful germicidal action eliminated slime bacteria, molds and algae.  After the chlorine does its thing, then we will run the water once again to make sure the chlorine is out of the system and then we should be ready to hook the water up to the house.

To be continued…


  1. Do you have a well or water catchment?

    1. Hi Tanya – We have a standard water well and an artesian well (which is our main source, it was horizontally bored into the mountain about 40 feet) with a cold water storage tank.

      You can read more about it on this post:



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