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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What’s Red Been Up To Lately…

31 degrees - 10:03 am - bright blue sky with scattered white puffy clouds...

Red the elf… he is a mischievous little guy.  He has been traveling all over the house keeping an eye on the kids while having a bit of fun himself.  Here are a few pictures of Red having some fun – these were the kids’ favorites from the past week.

Barbie and Red were watching movies
in the back of Jack's dump truck.

Jack:  “Ahhhh!  I found Red!”
Caitlyn:  “Where is he?”
Jack:  “Him and Barbie are in my dump truck!”
Caitlyn:  (laughs) “What!?  They are on a date!”
Jack:  (very seriously) “Not in my dump truck!”
Caitlyn: (walks off still laughing)  “Red and Barbie sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

Red had two of his friends, Gus and Jasper, over to play cards. 
They came from the North Pole via Great-Grandma's house.

Caitlyn:  (shocked) “Mom!  There are two more elves!”
Me:  “Wow, what’s the note say?”
Caitlyn:  “Meet Gus and Jasper.  They came to play cards.”
Me:  “Good job.  It looks like Red was having a fun night of cards.”
Caitlyn:  “But Mom, look!  They must be from a different department at the North Pole!”
Me:  “Oh, why do you say that?”
Caitlyn:  “Mom!?!?  Look at their uniforms, Red’s is wearing red and white, and Gus and Jasper are wearing red and green.”
Me:  (laughs) “That’s true… you must be right.”

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