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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peanut Butter Corn Flakes…

46 degrees - 12:27 pm - gorgeous day outside...

These delicious, creamy, peanut buttery no bake peanut butter drop cookies will disappear in the blink of an eye.  You won’t believe how quick and easy these are to make.  Four ingredients is all you need… that’s right – FOUR!

These have been a family favorite for as long as I can remember.  As kids (and the occasional time as an adult), I remember eating these until we were almost sick, but we just couldn’t stop – they were so delicious!

Now that the holiday baking season is coming up, I though you might want to try these delicious no bake cookies out for yourself.

~ Peanut Butter Corn Flakes ~

1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup Lite Karo Syrup
1 cup peanut butter
8 cups corn flakes (or wheaties)

Bring sugar and Karo syrup to a boil for about one minute or until sugar dissolves.  Remove from heat and add peanut butter, mix well.  Working quickly add corn flakes and mix well.

Using a spoon or small ice cream scoop, form into 1-inch balls and drop onto wax paper.  Let them sit for about 20 minutes or until cooled.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

--- Enjoy!

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