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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gravity Fed Water System {Still Trenching}…

35 degrees - 6:33 pm - cloudy...

Our last post about trenching the gravity fed water system was over a month and a half ago.  Since then, we have been busy with work, holidays, and other projects around the house. 

Now that the main winter holidays are behind us, and there is no snow on the ground, back to trenching he goes.  Tony now has just over 1,500 feet of pipe laid, and still has about another 150 feet to go to the holding tanks.  Once he gets to the holding tank area then he will have to lay another 200 feet of pipe from the new well down to the holding tanks.

The last few hundred feet of trenching has not been easy since Tony has had to dig through large amounts of rock.  The final stretch will hopefully be much easier and go much quicker.

Here are some pictures of what Tony has done so far…

laying out the pipe over the open trench, getting ready to put it in

last section of trench has the pipe in and is covered up -
ready to start trenching the last stretch 

the mini bosses out giving their opinions on what they think needs to be done

Jack pointing out the pipe to me and explaining what Daddy is trying to do

To be continued…

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