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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hunting For The Perfect Christmas Tree…

50 degrees - 8:03 pm - clear, dark night sky...

It’s tradition.  On the weekend after giving thanks, we head out into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Over the years, through trial and error, we have the hunt almost down to a science.  Of course it has to be a Noble Fir - according to Tony there is no other kind.  It has to be within a foot of the ceiling (we have 11’ ceilings) and be full throughout (or as full as a Noble can get) - according to me there is no other kind.  And thankfully we both agree that it can only have one ugly side that can be hidden against the wall.  The goal is to search out this perfect Christmas tree and out do last year’s tree every time.

This afternoon we took a break from the holiday house hopping to go look for this perfect tree.  I can’t exactly remember when this tradition began, but growing up in the Pacific Northwest, taking the family up into the mountains to play in the snow and look for the perfect Christmas tree, is just something we always did.  Now that our family lives in the mountains, we just walk out the front door and go for a little hike…

off to find the perfect Christmas tree!

time to do a little trail blazing

Caitlyn and Jack found this Charlie Brown tree that didn't quite make it home

had to take a picture of the beautiful view from the upper landing

Tony: "Hey Babe, how about this one?"  Me: "It's perfect!  I'll take it!"

…and tada!  We have found the perfect 10’2" Christmas tree!

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