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Friday, September 16, 2011

Laying Conduit (or trying to)…

57 degrees - 11:52 am - partially cloudy...

Last weekend the kids and I went to the beach again while Tony stayed home to get some projects done.  He borrowed our neighbor’s excavator, which is larger than the one he normally uses, to clear a path for the PVC conduit and water line, which need to be buried.

our neighbors excavator

Three hours into the project a hose breaks.  Needing to let the engine cool off before he tries to work on it, he went over to work on the chicken coop, which is almost completed.  He was cutting out the egg doors when the router gave out and died on him.  Needless to say, he wasn’t having a very good weekend.

the path has started to be cleared from the conduit to the propane tank area

Earlier this week, Tony was able to get a replacement hose for the excavator.  Our neighbor came down and helped him remove the old hose and put in the new hose.  When everything was put back together, he realized that it had a dead battery.  Yesterday while Tony was at work, our neighbor was able to charge the battery.  And now we have come to today – the excavator is fixed and ready to be used… or so we thought. 

While I am sitting in the nice warm, cozy house typing this blog post and making chocolate chip cookies, Tony and Jack are outside driving the smaller excavator over to the larger excavator for a jump.  Yes, that’s right, the battery is dead again!

So I will just skip ahead and tell you what project Tony has been trying to work on… finish burying the PVC conduit and water lines.

He has already buried the PVC conduit and water lines that run from the house and through the backyard.  Now he needs to clear a path and dig a four-foot trench from the edge of the backyard over to where the well and propane tanks will be located.  This is around 250 feet away from the house.  The well and propane tanks will be accessible but not visible from the house, which is exactly what we want.  Now only if the equipment would cooperate.

carved out area to hide the two 500 gallon propane tanks

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