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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Weekend...

73 degrees - 9:07 pm - clear night sky, stars are just starting to come out...

Where did the weekend go?  We have been so busy that the past several days went by in a blur of activity.  The past several days have also been very HOT, finally made it into the 90s!

We have been working on several different projects over the past few days.  Let’s start with firewood…  We originally wanted to have our entire year’s supply of firewood cut, split and stacked by Memorial Weekend.  Well, Mother Nature had a different idea so instead of being done with firewood for the year we are still working on it.  We have about 1/3 of the rounds split and stacked which equals out to be about 5 cords… well make that about 4 ½ that are actually stacked.  You see after you split the firewood, you have to stack it.  This allows the wind and sun to dry it out and then it becomes “seasoned” firewood, which of course burns soooo much better than “green” or wet firewood.  Anyways, while it is drying out, the stacks tend to dry out quicker on one side and sometimes have a tendency to topple over, which is what happened to two stacks of firewood which I will have to restack.  We also brought down another load of rounds to split and stack this week.

two stacks of firewood that toppled over

Moving right along now on to the backyard…  The large mound of top soil in the backyard is finally spread out!  Next the sticks and rocks need to be removed, then the dirt smoothed out, and finally cross out fingers that it’s not too late for a little bit of grass seed.  With that large mound of dirt gone, the backyard looks really big.

Last but certainly not least, the temporary chicken coop…  We had this really nice area picked out for the chicken coop and were trying to decide on coop plans when we found out that we may not be able to put it where we were planning.  A timber company who wants to log a near-by tract of land is looking at putting an access road running down our property line which would run through our coop site.  So we have found a new location for our permanent coop but there is still excavation work that needs to be done before we can build.  In the meantime the chickens are around 20-21 weeks old now and should start laying eggs anytime now so we had to build them a temporary coop until the permanent coop is completed.  {Are you still with me?  I hope I haven’t lost you yet…}  The temporary coop is almost completed, we still need to finish the nesting boxes; cut out the egg door on the outside; attach the chicken door and the main door; attach the run; and paint!  Cannot wait for the chickens to get up here!

temporary chicken coop

Well there you have it… a little glimpse of our weekend that went by in a blur of activity.

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