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Friday, May 6, 2011

Kids Handprint Stepping Stones…

44 degrees outside - 11:56 am - cloudy...

What grandmother wouldn’t want their grandchild’s handprint?  For Mother’s Day our kids are making handprint stepping stones for their Grandmas.  A good Mother’s Day craft needs two simple ingredients to melt a mom’s heart: a child’s handprint and their homemade touch.  This idea has both!  It’s also a fun kid project and a great keepsake.

I bought two reusable 12-inch round stepping stone molds at the local craft store along with some letter and number stone stamps.  I mixed up some concrete and poured it into the molds.  After letting the concrete set up a little, the kids had fun squishing their hands into the concrete mix.  They got to do this several times since the first two tries the concrete was still a little to wet and their handprints disappeared. 

After they made their handprints and washed up, next came stamping their names and date into the concrete.  Now they have to dry for 24-48 hours and they should be ready just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Note:  If you're looking for stone letter stamps and/or round stepping stone mold {click here}.


  1. In the photo, it looks as if the kids' handprints are raised and not inset....can you explain?

  2. The handprints are inset into the mix, they are not raised. The mix was still wet when we took the pictures, so that may be why it looks like could be raised.

  3. How did you get the concrete out and did it destroy the pan?

    1. Once the concrete was completely dried, we just flipped it over, tapped the sides and it popped right out. The plastic tray was not damaged at all.

  4. How long did you let it set up before hand printing? Thanks!



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