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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Washed Out Driveway Update…

38 degrees outside - 12:21 pm - it's not raining!!!

Ton of Rain + Warm Temps + Melting Snow Pack = Flooding

Yes, we are living on top of a mountain ridge.  Therefore, all the rain and melting snow had to go somewhere, down, wiping out several sections of our driveway in the process.  Tony has already spent numerous hours in the excavator repairing the driveway so it is drivable.  There is still a lot of work to do until it can be considered repaired.

It hasn’t rained in the past day and a half and the weather forecast is looking good for the weekend and coming week.  Hopefully everything will dry out enough so we can have a little neighborhood work party sometime this coming week. 

The guys have decided that they would like to add four new culverts along the driveway to hopefully prevent it from washing away again.  We also need to get more gravel, redo the ditch lines and widen the driveway in several spots.  With our neighbor in the bulldozer and Tony in the excavator, hopefully we can get most of the repairs done quickly.

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  1. What an adventure, Jean!! Glad your neighbors and smart husband can get it all fixed up and figured out!



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