Some people may not know what off-the-grid or off-grid means, so here it is --- The term off-the-grid or off-grid refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities.

Off-grid living is no longer a one room log cabin in the woods. It's energy independency. You don't have to rely on utility companies, you create your own power. Today, there are more than 180,000 off-grid homes in the US.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wildflowers on the Mountain…

4:28 pm - 60 degrees outside - another gorgeous fall day, have to enjoy them while we have them...

Living up around 2,200 feet in elevation puts us just above the smog layer.  This is just another perk of living off-grid on a mountain. 

Caitlyn with a Foxglove
Every time we step outside, it is almost a habit now to take a deep breath and inhale the clean, fresh, pure smelling mountain air.  Just looking around at all of the different plant life surrounding us, as you take that deep breath you realize that you are probably breathing in some of the cleanest air possible.  As that clean mountain air passes you by, you smell an evergreen fragrance in the air, along with the fresh smell of wildflowers and you think to yourself “This is definitely a moment to remember!”

Caitlyn and Jack
out for a nature walk
At nearly any time of the year you can step outside, look around, and you notice all of the native plants and wildflowers.  On one such occasion we happened by a single Western White Trillium.  Our young daughter was amazed at how this single delicate looking flower managed to come up thru the forest floor and had to have it.  So instead of having her pick every single wildflower in sight, we started a Nature Book for her.  We now go on nature walks and take pictures of all the beautiful wildflowers and wildlife to put into her nature book. 

There is still a thrill of discovery when we chance for the first time to find a floral gem in a forest clearing or high on a mountain side.

Western White Trillium

Miners Lettuce

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Bunchberry aka Dwarf Dogwood

Western Blue Iris

Bog Paintbrush

Oxeye Daisy

Great Hedge Nettle

Harsh Paintbrush

Queen Anne's Lace aka Wild Carrot

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