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Off-grid living is no longer a one room log cabin in the woods. It's energy independency. You don't have to rely on utility companies, you create your own power. Today, there are more than 180,000 off-grid homes in the US.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spring Projects...

1:17 pm - 48 degrees - windy and drizzling...

It is a cold, raining, windy, overcast, dreary day...and that means that we have to stay inside for a change and it gives me a chance to write a blog post. 

The past three or four weeks have been gorgeous out, and that means we have been spending a lot of time outside.

We've been going on hikes and
Caitlyn found some extra love on this hike.

Jack and I have been cutting down the small Alder trees
that are within 10 feet of the driveway.

Jack found a snail while I was weed whacking and was mesmerized for
about half an hour before he was off and running again.

These adorable babies are now out and about
and oh so cute and fun to watch.

Jack keeps catching and releasing Northern Alligator Lizards.

The area around our house is still too rocky to use an actual lawn mower so Tony and I spent several days weed whacking the grass, raking up the clippings and hauling them to the compost bin.

Tony has also been working on concrete footings so we can start to frame and enclose the space under the stairwell.  This will be the control room for the whole house where the inverter will be kept.

I acquired a free table (I love free stuff!) that was the perfect size for our firepit area.  I wanted it to blend in, so I spray painted it.  I love our firepit area, it is the perfect spot to sit back and relax after a long day.

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  1. I love how your kids have unlimited access to the outside - the animals, the weather, and all the dirt and loveliness. As we are working towards getting our land in 2 years, this is high on my list of priorities - wild space for my daughter to enjoy (and me too!)
    By the way - I dig free stuff, too. It feels like a major win anytime I see something I want that happens to be free! Good on ya!



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