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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don’t Break The Sugar Bowl…

35 degrees - 10:29 am - overcast and foggy...

Last night I discovered that all these years, I have been playing the “Quiet Game” all wrong!

When our neighbor was a kid, his mother used to always play this game with her eight children called “Don’t Break the Sugar Bowl”.  When he grew up and had four children of his own, they played “Don’t Break the Sugar Bowl”.  Last night he introduced this game to our kids.

Basically, it’s a game to see how long one can be quiet.  Essentially, the first one to speak – breaks the sugar bowl and loses.  Of course an extra incentive can’t hurt…

Caitlyn and Jack were so excited to play a game where they had the chance to win a dollar bill!  They went and sat on the floor ready to play “Don’t Break the Sugar Bowl”.  Rules:  No talking… no giggling… no noises of any kind… you have to look at each other… no grabbing the dollar bill or it’s mine… first person to make a noise loses… the winner get the dollar bill!

I have never seen a 3-year old sit so still and in total concentration, or a 6-year old, who never seems to stop talking, sit silently as they both tried to will that coveted dollar bill.

I cannot tell you how long they sat their silently staring at that dollar bill… it seemed like forever.  The game ended in a tie, each splitting the dollar bill and getting fifty cents each.  Although, as Caitlyn was jumping up and down, jabbering her excitement… Jack silently took his fifty cents with a big smile.  I think he thought he was still playing the game!  At any rate the game was a success and I will be using it – a lot!

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