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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chicken Names…

58 degrees outside - 6:33 pm - cloudy...

Around Easter time we got twelve baby chicks, four Plymouth Rocks, four Welsummers and four Cuckoo Marans.  We choose sexed chicks, which are sorted so you get exactly as many pullets or cockerels as you want (with a 90% guarantee).  We wanted all girls but we think one of the Plymouth Rocks is a boy who we have named Captain. 

The chicks are now about eleven weeks old and are no longer fluffy balls of cuteness but rather large gangly juvenile chickens now.  They are still in the temporary coop until their permanent coop is completed.

I love the idea of stepping outside my door, greeting the flock of chickens (perhaps by name), and coming back in with an armful of fresh eggs.  It’s admittedly a romantic, possibly naïve vision, especially without the flecks of manure obscuring it.  In any case, I’m drawn to the idea of it, and soon it will be a reality.

The site that we picked out for the chicken coop has been prepped and now we are ready to build the permanent coop… well, as soon as we figure out what coop style/design we want to go with.  In the meantime we have had fun naming the chickens.

I made up this little sign with all the chickens names for the coop.

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