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Friday, February 4, 2011

Crafts For Kids - Pinecone Bird Feeder

42 degrees outside - 9:17 am - cloudy, foggy, light rain...

Pinecone Bird Feeder
Yesterday my sister and her two children came over to visit and work on a kid’s craft.  One of the sloppiest bird-treat projects, the pinecone bird feeder, is also one of the most fun.  It combines foods that wild birds love, peanut butter, birdseed and pinecones.

Wild birds are attracted to the tiny seeds that are hidden deep inside the pinecones, which are held there by peanut butter.  Peanut butter could be considered the perfect bird food.  It is high in fat and full of protein.  These are food qualities that are important to wild birds any time of the year.  This is especially true in the winter when birds really need the boost.

To make the pinecone bird feeder, you will need: pinecones, peanut butter, birdseed and string.  My sister and I gave the kids a paper plate with a glob of peanut butter and a plastic knife to spread and push the peanut butter into all the openings.  Once the pinecone was coated in peanut butter to their satisfaction, they rolled and pressed it around in birdseed, then we tied a string to the top so it could be hung outside.
The pinecone bird feeder is one of the kid’s favorite crafts.  I like it for several reasons, it is cheap, easy to make, attracts many birds and the most important reason – it keeps my kids interested in backyard bird watching.

he couldn't resist tasting some of the peanut butter

spreading peanut butter onto the pinecone

rolling and pressing seed into the pinecone

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